Gen's Picks:

"6 Am" — "The most dynamic and climactic. I remember the first time I heard this beat. I’m pretty sure I was in the car and I played it twice. Then I remember writing to it one morning after I had done an all-nighter."

"This House" — "It’s emotional but minimal. Aggressive but controlled. It can be whatever the artist makes it, so I love the vulnerability of the beat most. It pulls from you and allows to be pulled."

Cade's Picks:

“Transfer” — "There are so many different interesting sounds in this beat and each one is introduced one by one. The beat builds in complexity and emotion and becomes a rhapsody of sorts with different sections and beat switches. This is the hidden gem on “Keefe”."

“This House” — "I would consider this beat my masterpiece. The sound selection and mix techniques give this beat an emotional quality that I think surpasses a lot of my work. There is a sense of coldness and even loneliness that sits you right in the middle of it all, especially when you listen to it with headphones."

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